Saturday, March 28, 2015

Costa Rica: days 8-9 Orosi

Start at the beginning days 1-2.
The adventure continues days 3-5.
In the cloud forest days 6-7.

Day 8:
On the road again. With the cloud forest in our rear view mirror, we bumped down the dusty road to the coast. We pit-stopped at a black sand beach along the Pacific. Juni got his first taste of salty sea (literally- a wave knocked the poor guy down, drenching his clothes and dampening his spirit). Street meat, roadside fruit stands and a giant iguana dinosaur, all legitimate reasons to slam on the breaks and halt the trip inland. By late afternoon, we made it to Orosi- a sleepy, idyllic town, nestled in a valley surrounded by coffee farms. Dinner at Casa del Sabor exemplified how kind and friendly the Costa Rican people are (our waitress blew up balloons, handed out cookies, turned on cartoons and wisked cranky juni away to the kitchen, all so that we could enjoy our meal). That evening, we strolled the narrow streets, admired the oldest colonial church in Costa Rica and followed the smell of fresh baked bread to a local bakery. We wandered about, until dusk turned to dark.

 (you never know where a sticker will turn up...)

Day 9:
We devoured a breakfast fit for kings, while sipping lattes and coffee overlooking the coffee fields. Ready, set, GO! Once again, we raced the clouds to the volcano peak. We moon-walked the unusual terrain on Irazu's summit, and peered down into the crater. Clouds eerily crept in around us, as Juni played in the volcanic sand. The remaining journey to the coast, through mountainous back roads, farm fields, road construction and endless stretches of banana plantations, was slow going. The rain pittered on the leaves overhead, as we moved into our casa by the sea- Cabinas Punta Uva. We ate supper at a small middle eastern restaurant, while locals lounged on hammocks and smoked weed in the dining room.

Where we stayed:
Orosi Lodge- Orosi
*small, hidden gem!
Cabinas Punta Uva- Puerto Viejo 
*rustic cabin, in a beautiful setting

Where we played:
Irazu Volcano National Park

Favorite eats:
Casa del Sabor- Orosi
Orosi Lodge 
*awesome breakfast!
Pita Bonita 

Last stop days 10-14.

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