Sunday, May 11, 2014

6-8 months: things to remember

8 months:
reaches out towards his favorite people
pincher grasp- loves self feeding bits of food
favorite foods: scrambled eggs, peas, blueberries
plays peek-a-boo by hiding behind blankets
cries out "maaamaa"- not sure if this is for real yet
also says the sound "dadada"
scoots and moves around on his bottom
feeds puppies from highchair - lets them lick his hands
loves playing outside in the grass
 7 months:
toes in mouth
goes from sitting to belly- sort of gracefully
loves straps, buckles, mason jar lids and playing peek-a-boo
tried homemade cornbread and loved it

6 months:
babbling "baba mama"
rolled from front to back
loves hair and pinching
plays by himself with a basket of toys
is a fish

flowers and simplicity

Backyards make the best toys. Grass between our toes. Soaking up some sun. Spring planting. Juniper is almost 9 months.