Tuesday, December 23, 2014

12-15 months: things to remember

12 months:
birthday bash up north- it rained and we strung up tarps in the trees
first tooth nubs
crawls up steps- started pulling up onto furniture
loves playing in the puppy kennels- watching squirrels
favorite foods- egg in nest (toast)
says "duck"
waves bye-bye

13 months:
hugs his sloth after nap (cute)
stacks and builds with blocks (and knocks them down)
crawls into the studio to find me in the morning
favorite foods- anything we are eating!, cukes, corn on the cob 

walks behind his wagon

14 months:
loves making animal noises and DUCKS (obsessed)
crib got moved to his own room
favorite toy- bottles in bathroom
fav read- Go Dogs Go, Ocean book
food- sweet potato, asparagus
front teeth!

15 months:
walks with help
says "mama, dada, duck, dip"
enjoys dipping food- loves pesto and pancakes (and broccoli!)
favorite toys- kitchen toys, pulling stuff from cupboards
still VERY into animals/ animal noises
fav reads- The Friendly Book and any story about animals

walks between people
loves helping in his "kitchen tower"

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