Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Door County- spring 2014

 We hiked newly discovered trails and stopped to smell the junipers. Our campsite hugged the bay and we savored the sunset around the campfire. We hopped rocks, avoiding the chilly water, at one of our favorite spots, Cave Point. The Lake Michigan breeze still felt like winter.

Door County spring 2014.
Juniper was 9 months.

Where we stayed:
Weborg Campground, Peninsula State Park

Where we played:
Ephraim Preserve at Anderson Pond
Cave Point County Park

Favorite eats:
Blue Horse, Fish Creek
Wild Tomato, Fish Creek


  1. What a great trip! As always you take the best pictures! I love that you are keeping a weblog of your adventures with Juni. :)

  2. Thanks Lorelei! It's hard to keep up with photos...but I'm trying!