Thursday, April 24, 2014

the zoo.

I have mixed feelings about zoos. They don't sit quite right with me. Never have. But, I do think they are important. What people grow to love, they learn to respect. What people respect, they fight to protect. When you grow up loving the turtles at the zoo, you are less likely to swerve your car and hit them as an adult (right...right???). That is what I tell myself. 

Juniper already loves animals. He knows the word 'puppy'. I'm not so sure that he knows 'mama' yet. Juniper is lucky enough that he will get to see some of these animals in the wild. When he is older, he will inevitably have to question, as I have, the morality of zoos. Until then, we will go, laugh at the funny animals, admire the strange...even if for now, they are all 'puppies'. 

NEW zoo- Green Bay, WI
Juniper 7.5 months old.

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