Thursday, January 30, 2014

life recap via instagrams

8 weeks
 10 weeks
starting sleeping through the night. alas, this was very short lived.

 12 weeks
lots of jibber jabber (talking) and really starting to grab at things.

14 weeks
loves grabbing faces, double thumb sucking and books (mirror me baby einstein is a fav)!
first time being babysat.
 3-4 months
loves river dancing in the tub, watching the puppies wrestle and anything crinkly and/or shiny.
picks up his toot (pacifier) and puts it in his mouth.

 18 weeks
developed a crazy "yelling" laugh
17 lbs at his well baby check-up.
LOVES the itsy bitsy spider song.

 4-5 months
Went swimming for the first time at the ymca.
Started trying some foods- squash, avacado (hated it), banana (loved it), applesauce.
LOVES pulling puppy fur.
 5-6 months

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