Thursday, January 30, 2014

life recap via instagrams

8 weeks
 10 weeks
starting sleeping through the night. alas, this was very short lived.

 12 weeks
lots of jibber jabber (talking) and really starting to grab at things.

14 weeks
loves grabbing faces, double thumb sucking and books (mirror me baby einstein is a fav)!
first time being babysat.
 3-4 months
loves river dancing in the tub, watching the puppies wrestle and anything crinkly and/or shiny.
picks up his toot (pacifier) and puts it in his mouth.

 18 weeks
developed a crazy "yelling" laugh
17 lbs at his well baby check-up.
LOVES the itsy bitsy spider song.

 4-5 months
Went swimming for the first time at the ymca.
Started trying some foods- squash, avacado (hated it), banana (loved it), applesauce.
LOVES pulling puppy fur.
 5-6 months

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas #1

Juniper's first Christmas. It was magical and way more fun with a baby in tow. Juni got so many wonderful gifts and enjoyed munching on the wrapping paper. It was a small Christmas miracle that after a very overwhelming day with family, he put on his festive pants and was tear-free during gift opening. 
one big happy fam- juniper was admiring his beautiful socks, finn was barking at the camera 'beep'

 juni being instructed in the fine art of Seinfeld
 juni trying out his new up north campfire chair

 juni got uncle geddie some mustaches...and after many objections, reluctantly agreed to a photo 

 travel books for our upcoming trip we are planning
 spoiled rotton. gift from Theresa/ Kels (gardening set), set of cars and trucks from Geddie/ Mel, cart and banana toothbrush from Santa
 Jar of bugs, bee wheely, bug chair and flapper flower all from grammie and grampie. He also got some books and I am sure I am missing other things.
 19 weeks old