Tuesday, December 23, 2014

finding the 'one'...

We bundled up and ventured out, in search of a perfectly imperfect little christmas tree...

 (sniffing the pine needles)

Where we played:
Z-World Christmas Tree Farm- Hilbert, WI

12-15 months: things to remember

12 months:
birthday bash up north- it rained and we strung up tarps in the trees
first tooth nubs
crawls up steps- started pulling up onto furniture
loves playing in the puppy kennels- watching squirrels
favorite foods- egg in nest (toast)
says "duck"
waves bye-bye

13 months:
hugs his sloth after nap (cute)
stacks and builds with blocks (and knocks them down)
crawls into the studio to find me in the morning
favorite foods- anything we are eating!, cukes, corn on the cob 

walks behind his wagon

14 months:
loves making animal noises and DUCKS (obsessed)
crib got moved to his own room
favorite toy- bottles in bathroom
fav read- Go Dogs Go, Ocean book
food- sweet potato, asparagus
front teeth!

15 months:
walks with help
says "mama, dada, duck, dip"
enjoys dipping food- loves pesto and pancakes (and broccoli!)
favorite toys- kitchen toys, pulling stuff from cupboards
still VERY into animals/ animal noises
fav reads- The Friendly Book and any story about animals

walks between people
loves helping in his "kitchen tower"

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Indian Summer

We seized an Indian Summer weekend in late October and headed west with our teardrop. We camped amongst falling leaves and hiked though golden forests. Hooting owls kept us company around the campfire. The nights were cold. Really cold. A reminder that winter is near (and that I need to pack more blankets next time). 

Where we stayed:
Mirror Lake State Park- Baraboo, WI

Where we played:
Devils Lake State Park
Parfreys Glen
Pewit's Nest
Rocky Arbor State Park

Favorite eats:
MACS- Wisconsin Dells
Broadway Diner- Baraboo

Juni was 14 months old.


Apple picking, apple eating, wagon rides, pumpkins, goats and wood-fired pizza...everything good about fall (life) in one stop. 

Where we played:
Parley Lake Winery- Waconia, MN

Juni was 13 months old. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Door County- autumn 2014

We couldn't let fall slip into winter, without a trip to door county. We joke we go there just for the apple cider donuts...only a partial truth ;) We got our toes wet in Lake Michigan, strolled the docks at Fish Creek and basked in the orange glow of the sun, as it set over Green Bay. 

Where we played:
Whitefish Dunes State Park
Peninsula State Park- Weborg Point
Fish Creek Marina
Sunset Beach Park

Favorite eats:
Wood Orchard Market
(and always) Wild Tomato

Juni was 13 months old.